Brand Story

Our Mission
Boutique brand Jaguarlily believes that every one should shine bright and add sparkle to their life every day. Designed for the fearless, feisty and flamboyant women who aren't afraid to express themselves. Jaguarlily wants to deliver chic, effortless, luxury-inspired products with the best quality at affordable price.
Our Inspiration
From the sun to the moon, from the forest to the valley, from the ocean to the skies. Inspired by all things nature and form. Encompassing fluid, shapes, sculpture or texture, we built our products base on passion, demand and functionality.

Our Approach

Our Jewelry are mostly made from 925 Sterling Silver or  Eco-Friendly Brass and plated with Rhodium, 18K Gold or White Gold for extra luster and durability. They are suitable for sensitive skin and  are resistant to water and sweat.

Crafted only with the best quality materials. We take heart to create superior jewelry that you can wear confidently and time and again.

            Xoxo, ❤️‍